Mathews Jewel (Jules McQueen's)

Last Updated:

Mon, 04/24/2017 - 22:38
Hand Position: 
Right Handed




Jewel (Women's Bow)


Bow Weight:

3.80 lbs



I have a Mathews Jewel. This amazing compound bow belonged to huntress Jules Mcqueen who auctioned it off for childhood diabetes. It has only been shot a handful of times since then and NEVER dry fired.
Beautiful bow with harmonic balancers and dampeners throughout. The dead end string stop and two additional quick stop string stops makes this bow dead silent with no vibration. It has the aftermarket focus grip.
Currently has a 25 inch draw length cam on it but I also have a 27 inch cam with it. Draw weight is currently set to 43lbs but is easily adjustable.
Includes 5 pin trophy ridge cypher sight, quick release 6 arrow quiver, mathews ultra rest with harmonic dampener, and plano hard case. Full setup, $1000. Bow without case and 27" cam, $900. Bare bow, $750.
If you want to get your wife into archery and out hunting with you, this is the bow to do it.

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